SVS is one of the oldest and largest dubbing companies providing the complete gamut of Localization Services in India since 1993.

ADR - Automated Dialogue Replacement

ADR is the process of re-recording the dialogues by the original actor (or a replacement actor) after the filming process to improve audio quality or make changes to the originally scripted dialog.

The automated process includes sophisticated techniques including automatically displaying lines on-screen for the talent, automated cues, shifting the audio track for accurate synchronization, and time-fitting algorithms for stretching or compressing portions of a spoken line. There is even software that can sort out spoken words from ambient sounds in the original filmed soundtrack and detect the peaks of the dialog and automatically time-fit the new dubbed performance to the original to create perfect synchronization.

The ADR process may be used to:

  • Remove extraneous sounds such as production equipment noise, traffic, wind, or other undesirable sounds from the environment
  • Change the original lines recorded on set to clarify context
  • Improve diction or modify an accent
  • Improve comedic timing or dramatic timing
  • Correct technical issues with synchronization
  • Use a studio-quality singing performance or provide a voice-double for actors who are poor vocalists
  • Add or remove content for legal purposes (such as removing an unauthorized trademarked name)
  • Add or remove a product placement
  • Correct a misspoken line not caught during filming
  • Replace "foul language" for TV broadcasts of a movie or other program

Our fully equipped eight recording studios in Mumbai aid in voice over recording, lip-sync dubbing, dialogue recording and recording of vocals. We also provide Voices for ADR and Walla in all languages.

AV’s / Corporate Films / Documentary Films

We provide voice overs for the original version as well as for other language versions on a turnkey basis. From Feature Films, TV shows, Corporate films to Documentaries, we provide dubbing services for all kinds of features. We provide voices for Channel ID, Brand ID, promos and complete services for creating several language versions.

Audio Book Recording

Our services for Audio Book Recording includes voice casting, recording, editing and delivery in required formats.

Audio Description

We also create Audio Description files for all kinds of content.

Casting and Coordination

We offer voice casting services in all languages complete with auditions, samples and options.

Dubbing and Dubbing Direction

We take pride in our dubbing services, casting vocal talents and voice actors. We have dubbed some of the most successful films in Indian Box Office history.

We have an extremely talented and experienced team of Dubbing Directors with over 100s of hours of dubbed content delivered every month across various languages.

E - Learning

We provide E-learning recordings in over 13 Indian languages.


We have strategic tie ups with the best Foley Artistes in the industry to provide amazing Foley recordings and SFX.


We cast, record and provide voice talent to support IVR recordings in the desired format in 13 languages.


We have a host of writers, lyricists, singers and music composers who create and dub jingles, tunes and songs for us in various languages.


Besides dubbing songs in multiple languages, we also provide the lyrics to match lip sync and body language to create the best content.

Mixing & Mastering

Sound & Vision India has several Mix rooms with Mono, Stereo and 5.1, 7.1 & 11.1 mix facilities. Our sound engineers are extremely creative, talented and experienced with intensive knowledge of the work in the field.

Music Production

We can carry out end-to-end music production as required through our network of music composers.

Post Production

We offer complete post production packages along with complete audio post packages including foley, sfx, sound design, language dubbing / ADR and mixing.

Radio Spots

We can adapt scripts into radio spots and radio plays and offer complete production services from scripting to recording, creating music and effects and mixing.

Translation / Adaptation

We provide translation / adaptation services for any kind of content. Our creative team makes sure the essence of the content provided is not lost in translation during the adaptation process.

Sound Design

We offer complete Sound Design services, including ADR, Track laying, Editing, Synching, Foley, SFX and Music right upto Final Mix in a format of your choice.

Studio Hire Recording Studio
and Mixing Rooms

Our state-of-the-art recording, editing and mixing studios are available for hire with experienced sound engineers.


Our professional team of subtitlers provides the best quality of interpretation that gives our customers the best result. We can provide English subtitles for any local language film, TV show or AV. We can also provide Hindi and other Indian language subtitles for foreign and regional films, TV shows or AV’s.

TV Programs

We have dubbed all kinds of high quality tv content from English to Indian languages. These include edutainment programs, animation shows, soap operas, lifestyle shows, reality shows and many more. Our high capacity allows us to deliver over 60 hours of dubbed content per month.

Voice Training

We train actors, professional speakers and voice artistes. Our workshops offer a complete 360 degree voice training including an opportunity to intern with us.